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Balancing with essential oils & Cyber Monday Sale!

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

I will be the first to admit that I was very skeptical when introduced to the world of essential oils. I always seemed to roll my eyes in the back of my head when people made claims to their ability to help deal with issues in the body. However, I'm pleasantly surprised to have been proven wrong!

I have known about DoTerra essential oils for quite some time. However, I had been hesitant to jump on board with all of the claims for their use. As someone who's been struggling with their health and low immunity for quite some time, I became willing to try something new.

I recently read an article posted by The Atlantic on how essential oils might be the new antibiotics. There is now scientific research to support the claims on how certain oils can help prevent the use of antibiotics!

I always try and do what I can do to avoid taking antibiotics; unless it’s absolutely necessary to do so. Last week, I started to have symptoms of a nasty cold coming on. I used oregano oil, lemon, frankenscence & On Guard in a cup of echinacea tea. I also rubbed a few drops of the On Guard oil on the bottoms of my feet. I felt a tingling in my face.. Like a gentle warming sensation. I felt as if it was killing off pathogens in my mouth & throat. That stuff is seriously strong!

The next morning I awoke with the pain in my throat completely gone! I was a skeptic before & was happily surprised with just how much it helped me. The research in the article is promising & suggests essential oils are a great alternative to use in order to prevent antibiotic resistant bacteria from getting out of hand.

Needless to say, I'm super impressed by doTERRA's & the high quality blends of their essential oils. They are both potent and pure!

One of doTERRA's most popular oil blends is called "On Guard."

On Guard is advertised as a "protective blend,” used to support the immune system and help kill off harmful bacteria and viruses. It contains a blend of five essential oils, including:

wild orange peel, clove bud, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus & rosemary. This blend is also known as thieves oil.

Thieves oil originated with actual thieves during a crucial time in our history. Legends abound, but one thing is certain: modern research backs up the powerful benefits of this unique oil blend.

This essential oil blend has a unique past. As the story goes, during the height of the Bubonic plague sweeping Europe and Asia, four thieves from Marseilles became famous for robbing the possessions of the infected dead – yet never caught the plague themselves. (1)

People were stunned that these thieves were able to touch the bodies and remain healthy, as the plague was highly contagious. Word began to spread of this special concoction that could be soaked into a towel and wrapped over the nose to prevent the “pestilence” from entering. Let's break down the ingredients, shall we?

Clove Essential Oil

The essential oil from this fragrant spice can help stop tumor growth and fight cancer cells, kill powerful bacteria such as E. coli, and even help reverse signs of liver damage.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Research has found that cinnamon is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antidiabetic, and can even help fight cancer and neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The active ingredient in eucalyptus is proven to be effective against many powerful viruses and bacteria, such as tuberculosis and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). It also stimulates your immune system and can help relieve respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary contains powerful compounds that can help prevent neural cell death (in the case of neurological diseases), protect against brain inflammation, and also lend its strong antibacterial and anticancer properties

What the research says

Although research is limited, there is evidence to suggest that the On Guard blend is effective in fighting off the influenza virus.

In a 2010 Canine study, researchers found that On Guard weakened the influenza virus in canine cells that were infected. They also discovered that the oil can prevent the virus from being able to replicate as strongly. Although the virus was still able to replicate itself, it didn't produce as many viral proteins. This weakened the virus and made it easier for the immune system to attack it.

Needless to say, I'm excited to announce that I am now also a doTERRA Wellness Advisor.

My new favorite thing is infusing these amazing oils into my massage sessions & yoga practice. Check out the yoga collection for yourself, it's a great way to enhance your personal practice. You're also welcome to stop by any of my yoga classes to sample any of these fine essential oils for yourself.


This indulgent treatment normally costs $130 per session. I only use DoTERRA essential oils in my signature Chakra Balancing massage. I offer this treatment at Prana Bodyworks. It is a unique sensory experience that begins with a foot exfoliation using only the finest lemongrass scrub from Beautycounter to help open the energy in the feet. It is then followed by infusing doTERRA essential oil blends to their corresponding chakras along with guided meditations. It also incorporates deep relaxation massage and tapotement to release tension in the body & move the prana from congested areas in the body. It is 90 minutes of pure BLISS! Click here to purchase this treatment for yourself. You are also welcome to call and speak with our receptionist to book your session before the savings are gone forever! Call (954)463-1777 for details.


We all have seven major chakras located along the spine. They are responsible for directing the flow of energy throughout our bodies. Every emotion and all of your senses are integrated into the chakra system. When we experience stress our chakras can become blocked.

Blocked chakras can manifest in physical, emotional & spiritual issues. Open, balanced chakras keep our energy flowing so that we feel our very best. Chakra balancing is a great way to improve your physical and emotional well being. The use of essential oils during massage along with guided meditation is a great way to help achieve balance.

I only use DoTERRA certified therapeutic grade essential oils in my practice. I like to think of it as vitamins for your chakras. They assist to awaken the senses to help boost blocked or unbalanced chakras. This is a rejuvenating experience for both the mind & body.

You can read all about the chakra system in a previous blog post here.

If you already know what you'd like to try or you just want to browse online, just go directly to my personal DoTERRA page: my.doterra.com/stephaniemiller61

Still have some last minute shopping to do?? Check out some of my other favorite brands that I am an ambassador for to shop in the mindful marketplace:

More Cyber Monday Specials.......

As many of you know I am also a Beautycounter consultant. They are one of the few companies for cosmetics & skin/body care that I trust. In Europe, they ban almost 1,400 substances in their skin care & cosmetics that are sold to the public. In the United States we only ban something like 93 ingredients! Beautycounter bans over 1,500 questionable ingredients in their products, making them the cleanest high end beauty products available! You can visit their website to check out everything on The Never List. If you are looking to give some high quality & clean products this year, look no further.

Here are some of my favorite must have items for your beauty routine:

This hydrating skin tint is everything. Available in a wide array of shades, it's lightweight versatile and gives you the coverage you need weather your going to yoga class or to the office. Shop for it here.

Beautycounter's brightening facial oil was voted best facial oil by Allure magazine. This citrus-scented facial oil quickly absorbs and penetrates to awaken and replenish skin. Lightweight and silky smooth, it features a proprietary blend of seven natural oils. With this week's Black Friday Sale it's only $51.75 - and worth every penny.

Need to detox your skin? Try this phenomenal charcoal face mask!

Just ten minutes to a purified complexion.

This nutrient-rich kaolin clay mask deep-cleans and balances, absorbing excess oil and drawing out impurities. Activated charcoal minimizes the appearance of pores, giving skin a smooth, refined appearance, while salicylic acid stimulates exfoliation. Perfect for those concerned with congestion and oily skin.

Consumer Panel Test Results:

In an independent consumer study, after two weeks of use*:

97% said mask refined and smoothed skin.94% said mask absorbed excess oil.87% said mask detoxified pores and purified skin.84% said mask made skin look clearer and more even-toned.

TODAY ONLY, take 15% OFF any order and get free shipping if it's over $50. (As always, some exclusions apply.)

That's a super good deal!

If you've been waiting for another sale to order for yourself or to do your holiday better beauty / safer skincare shopping, now's the time. It's the perfect time to stock up on your essentials, too.

Click here to shop the sale

Every holiday set is included along with almost everything from BC's regular products.

If you'd planned on getting bunch of gift cards, there are some great options at similar price points. And it's a way to get safer skincare into the hands of your friends and loved ones.


Try out this potent CBD to calm your nerves.

One of my new favorite products for helping manage my stress, pain relief & ensure I get a good night's rest is CBD oil. I'm so impressed by Thoughtcloud's CBD products that I am now an affiliate.

CBD has been proven to be an all natural anti inflammatory, anti spasmotic & neuroprotectant. It's highly effective at calming the nerves, reducing pain from muscle spasms and helping you relax so that you can focus & get better sleep. I personally buy the Ultra blend which is 3600mg of pure CBD. I use a couple of full droppers under the tongue and within the hour I usually can feel the pain subside.

They also make an excellent CBD balm, which I incorporate into all of my myofascial release sessions. It's great for relaxing the nerves & giving enough traction to release those stubborn adhesions in the muscle tissues. Book a session today!

Check out this super cool article on how CBD can help shift your energy & get those chakras open!

As always, if you have any questions on booking a therapeutic massage session with me, how to incorporate essential oils into your life, or even how to switch up your beauty routine with safer skincare options feel free to shoot me an email at anytime. Wishing you all a healthy holiday season!


XO, Steff

P.S. Anyone who is still paying attention & reading this far (congrats to you!) anyone who shops my CYBER MONDAY SALE (any of the links in this email) between now through the end of the day will be entered into a drawing to win a full-size Beautycounter mystery product (up to $58 value). Click here to shop the sale.

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