• Stephanie Miller

Picking the Perfect Yoga Mat

Ever wonder what is the best mat for your yoga practice? Fear not, we have you covered!

There are so many different styles of yoga being practiced today. I shouldn't come to much of a surprise that there's a variety of mats out there to suite each individuals different need. I was recently emailed an in depth review of some of the best yoga mats money can buy. I'll post a link to it at the bottom.

With all of that said, I prefer to use the Jade harmony mat. I believe I have both the professional & travel mat. I couldn't be happier with this brand! It's made out of an eco friendly natural rubber material that offers great traction. This is great for hot yoga classes. The only down side to it is that if you sweat a lot you'll need to leave it unrolled after cleaning so that it will dry out. This can easily be solved by placing a yoga towel over your mat though.

Check out their website for more details on the mat I love: https://jadeyoga.com/

Also, here's a more in depth review of the most popular yoga mats available:


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